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Hailey Hawkes: Why Brand Awareness Is So Crucial For Growing Your Business

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In this episode I speak with Hailey Hawkes, a 12+ year digital marketing specialist. We talk extensively about the impact that brand awareness has for business growth and the optimal marketing channels for driving results.

Brand awareness isn’t just an external metric for gauging customer interests, it starts with your internal team fully embracing your value proposition and understanding your customer avatar.

We get into the best funnel approach for running Facebook and Instagram ads that will drive brand awareness and also define what true retargeting (aka remarketing) can accomplish for both short and long sales cycles.

Hailey Hawkes of Horsetooth Marketing

Guest: Hailey Hawkes



Hailey has been in the trenches of marketing including 12+ years in digital, community, and consulting marketing for businesses around the U.S.

  • She has held two senior-level marketing positions and her main passion is working alongside small, medium/large businesses to ensure they do not get screwed over by marketing agencies. But, rather train businesses to be "in the know" and get to a place where their marketing works FOR them and not AGAINST them.
  • She believes in saving businesses from untrustworthy marketing agencies that just want to take advantage of client's wallets without doing a whole lot of anything...
  • Hailey reserves time to research and stay fresh on all of the technology, trends, and never-ending changes in the digital realm
  • Data is the name of the game. She teaches herself, her team, and clients to let data navigate their "marketing ships!"
  • She has partnered and/or managed the marketing for over 75 businesses including service-based, SaaS, and e-commerce businesses across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Mexico.
  • Hailey is a nerd and finds pleasure in reading up on Google, Facebook, social media tactics on the reg. as well as analytics, sales, and success stories.
  • Hailey researches unique ways businesses utilize online strategies and social channels that grow thousands and millions of revenue month-over-month.
  • Brand awareness and retargeting strategies are her favorite areas to train on as she has found it is the make-or-break difference to millions (or thousands if you're smaller) of extra on the table at the end of the year or not for any given business. 🤝💥

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