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Andy Hawbaker: From Marketing to Real Estate Entrepreneur

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In this episode, we dive into Andy Hawbaker‘s transformative journey from a successful career in marketing to becoming a thriving real estate entrepreneur.

Andy shares his motivations for switching careers, driven by a desire for new challenges, a more personal connection with clients, and the entrepreneurial spirit he’s had since childhood. He highlights how his marketing expertise has been instrumental to building his real estate business, emphasizing early efforts like building a strong online presence and brand.

We talk about the joys and struggles of being our own bosses, appreciating the freedom and flexibility while navigating the challenges of motivation and time management. Andy also discusses the importance of reviews, a solid reputation, and innovative strategies that have distinguished him from other real estate agents.

Social events, business cards, and setting boundaries are some of the key elements that have contributed to his success.

Beyond real estate, Andy’s passion for homebrewing plays a significant role in his life, even influencing his professional interactions. He shares how being authentic and engaging in hobbies has helped him connect with clients and build a strong network.

Andy also provides practical advice for home buyers and sellers, drawing from his experiences and lessons learned in the industry.

Join us as we explore Andy’s inspiring journey, uncovering the strategies and personal stories that have shaped his success as an entrepreneur. From marketing expertise to real estate achievements, Andy’s story is a testament to the power of leveraging skills and passions in new ventures.

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Guest: Andy Hawbaker




Andy left a career in digital marketing to build his own real estate business. Since day one he has focused on the long term plan of building a brand and business not just being a transactional Realtor. By focusing primarily on free and organic ways of getting his name out, Andy has been recognized as the “rising star” in his office of 70 agents and has twice been named “International Sterling Society “ placing him in the top 11% of all Coldwell Banker agents in the world.


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